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World Press Freedom Day 2018

World Press Freedom newspapers

It Is World Press Freedom Day 2018

In this troubled time in history, where journalists are attacked and even killed by politicians and terrorists from around the world, we celebrate World Press Freedom Day 2018.

We live in very dangerous times when autocratic rulers want to destroy anyone who opposes them.

There are some fascinating videos in this blog post from NFB:

Mark World Press Freedom Day

Around the world, politicians like Vladimir Putin are having journalists who oppose him killed:

Here are 10 critics of Vladimir Putin who died violently or in suspicious ways

Just the other day journalists were killed in Afghanistan:

Journalist killings in Afghanistan: ‘An attack on the global media’

This does not just happen in other countries. We currently have a President of the United States attacking journalists who don’t agree with him.

A Beautiful Speech About Freedom Of The Press

There is a beautiful scene in my favorite television show Mary Tyler Moore. This is a great episode where Mary, the producer of a local television news show, will go to jail to protect her news source.

This is one of the best episodes of the series, and the dialogue in one particular scene between Mary and Lou is simply beautiful. Check it out starting around 13:10.

Mary:  Mr. Grant, if I don’t change my mind, and tell them what they want to know, I’m going to jail tonight. And I just wish I could be sure I’m doing the right thing.

Lou:  Mary, I can’t tell you what to do. I can only tell you what I think. I think it’s a reporter’s job to inform the people. But if a reporter can be forced to reveal his confidential sources of information, he can’t do that job, because his sources will dry up. And pretty soon there won’t be any information worth printing.  The whole concept of freedom of the press will be destroyed, and with it, democracy, as you and I know it, and cherish it.

Such a beautiful speech and even more relevant today,

We have a President who is constantly attacking freedom of the press, saying anyone who disagrees with him is “fake news.”

Just remember what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

It CAN happen here.

To find out more about World Press Freedom Day, read more HERE.

For more about this subject, please read #FreePress.

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