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State of the Blog Address 2024

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State of the Blog Address

I have worked on this blog intermittently since 2010! It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long.

I am going to try new things in this blog because there are so many issues that are important to me.

The most important event happening this year are the 2024 Elections.

In the United States, we face the most important Presidential election of our lifetimes.

I am volunteering for many Democratic campaigns. My husband and I plan on participating in phone banking, text banking, sending postcards, and anything else we can do.

But it is not enough.

Since I have been reading many books about resistance groups throughout history, I decided that the theme for this blog in 2024 is RESISTANCE.

Resistance to oppression in all forms.

Which is why the Republican Party must be defeated.

Republicans Want To Destroy America

I have been told that we must unite with people with other opinions.

That was all right in the past when one political party hadn’t completely derailed into fascism.

But this isn’t just a difference of opinion anymore.

There is NO uniting with the MAGA movement.

Let’s be honest here. If Trump “wins” in November. America loses. 

The Republicans want to establish a white Christofascist authoritarian dictatorship.

I am not being an alarmist here. They aren’t hiding their goals for this country.

This is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form.

Trump and allies plot revenge, Justice Department control in a second term

They promise to violently suppress any dissent, protests, and resistance.

There is no way that there won’t be violence. It is inevitable.

Because Americans are simply not going to accept this.

In future posts, I will describe Project 2025 and Agenda 47 and all the other nefarious plans by the Heritage Foundation and other Republican groups.

Democrats Defend Women

Meanwhile, Democrats are working hard to support the rights of ALL citizens.

Since the disastrous Dobbs Decision in 2022, Republicans have lost election after election.

You would think they’d learn something from this, possibly realizing their policies are NOT popular with Americans.

But just the opposite has happened. The Republicans are doubling down.

They originally said that they wanted the states to decide. But instead, what they really want is a complete national abortion ban, even in cases of rape or incest.

Some Republicans even want to ban contraception.

Some Republicans are backing away from these issues now because they want to win in November. But a national abortion ban is their ultimate goal.

Eleven Films just put out a great new video:

What Does This Have To Do With The Literary Lioness?

In my 2018 review of How the Good Guys Finally Won: Notes From An Impeachment Summer, I wrote about a scene near the end of the book where Tip O’Neill and author Jimmy Breslin are riding in a car after the events of Watergate had been mostly resolved:

I wrote that in 2018, never dreaming that the Capitol building of the United States would be attacked by brainwashed mobs of Trump supporters.

In addition to current events in the United States and around the world, I have become fascinated with several key events in 20th-century European history.

I am especially interested in the Resistance movements in Europe during WWII and also The Spanish Civil War.

I have been reading multiple books and watching some great videos on YouTube during this time.

As much as I love to read, I can’t read every book about these topics. Watching historical footage is wonderful because you can see the events unfolding before you.

I plan to write about all of these things.


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Thank you for reading The Literary Lioness!

I love books, writing, film, and television.

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