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    Leap Day 2020!

    Today is February 29, 2020, and it is Leap Day 2020! Leap Days Only Occur Once Every Four Years There are many ways to do this. You could do work on some important project of your own, decide to sit on your couch and binge-watch Netflix, or use the day to completely rest and recharge. Why do leap years exist? According to The Lighthouse: Leap years happen every four years, except if the year is a multiple of 100. But then years that are a multiple of 400 are also leap years. This complex arrangement has a 2000-year history. The reason for an extra day in a leap year is…

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    The Summer Book | Book Review

    The Summer Book by Tove Jansson Original Publication Date: 1972 Genres: Fiction Source: I purchased this book Goodreads In The Summer Book, Tove Jansson distills the essence of the summer—its sunlight and storms—into twenty-two crystalline vignettes. This brief novel tells the story of Sophia, a six-year-old girl awakening to existence, and Sophia’s grandmother, nearing the end of hers, as they spend the summer on a tiny unspoiled island in the Gulf of Finland. The grandmother is unsentimental and wise if a little cranky; Sophia is impetuous and volatile, but she tends to her grandmother with the care of a new parent. In The Summer Book, Jansson creates her own complete world, full of…

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    Verona Park | Verona, New Jersey

    Verona Park In New Jersey The park is 54.32 acres with a 13-acre lake. It was designed by the Olmsted Brothers, who also designed the magnificent Central Park in New York, and Branch Brook Park in New Jersey (see my April 29th post). The park has paddle boats (including swans!), a boathouse, a lake stocked with trout, bocce courts, tennis courts, a gazebo, playgrounds, softball fields, and many other attractions. You can read about the park HERE and HERE. Please check out Leap Day 2020!

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    Cherry Blossoms in Branch Brook Park!

    The Cherry Blossoms Are Back In Bloom Branch Brook Park is a beautiful 360-acre county park that is located in both Newark and Belleville, New Jersey. Branch Brook Park has the LARGEST collection of cherry trees in the United States. That’s right, larger than Washington, DC.!  There are over 5000 trees in the park. The park was designed by the Olmsted brothers, as was New York’s Central Park. Check out Verona Park! If you love nature, please check out my post on Environmental Mindfulness!

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    The Seasons : Spring by James Thomson

    The Seasons : Spring Come, gentle Spring! ethereal Mildness! come, And from the bosom of yon dropping cloud, While music wakes around, veil’d in a shower Of shadowing roses, on our plains descend. O Hertford, fitted or to shine in courts With unaffected grace, or walk the plain With innocence and meditation join’d In soft assemblage, listen to my song, Which thy own Season paints; when Nature all Is blooming and benevolent, like thee. And see where surly Winter passes off, Far to the north, and calls his ruffian blasts: His blasts obey, and quit the howling hill, The shatter’d forest, and the ravaged vale; While softer gales succeed, at…