About Me

I started this blog in 2010 to talk about the books I love and my writing journey.

I am a professional writer with a background in journalism. I majored in English and journalism at a large state university.

I mostly read literary fiction and non-fiction. I love biographies and memoirs. I also enjoy reading short stories and essays.

I love physical books, but most of the new books I purchase for my Kindle or download the Kindle version from Overdrive.

I currently have over 1200 books on my Kindle.

I am also interested in blogging, YouTube, photography, road trips, and film and television.

I post photos (mostly of New Jersey) on New Jersey Memories.


I am currently blogging on WordPress.

I am using the Bard Pro Theme from WP Royal.

I use the Ultimate Book Blogger PlugIn by Nose Graze.

My avatar is the frontispiece to the book Queen of Hearts. It was done by Randolph Caldecott. The Caldecott Medal is named after him. I found it on Old Book Illustrations.

Book covers “borrowed” mostly from Goodreads. I upload them to my computer first, then post them.

On other posts, I love using photos from Unsplash.

The vast majority of books I review are ones I have bought or borrowed from the library. The majority are Kindle books.

If I have been given a book for review from an author or publisher, I will be transparent in the review.