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    Borders Books 1971-2011 Farewell

    Borders Books Will Be Closing All Their Stores It’s a sad day for book lovers — Borders Books will be closing all their stores. Sigh. I had wonderful times at the store in Wayne, NJ. That store closed several years ago when Wayne Towne Center mall was partially demolished. I spent many happy hours reading books, buying books, and choosing opera CDs for Christmas gifts for my relatives. Even though it was a chain, that store was very “homey”. I remember swing music playing and people dancing in the aisles. That branch was my favorite chain bookstore EVER. No one ever pestered you if you sat in a chair reading…

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    Make Time To Read Great Books

    More than anything else, I love to read and write. So if I could choose any place to have a time out from life, it would be a bookstore or library. Make The Time To Read Great Books I love going to bookstores, drinking in the cafe and eating delicious desserts, and spending time reading magazines. I love to carry a small notebook and pen in my purse and sit in the bookstore, writing essays, short stories, and blog posts. I love to write with pen and paper. Collecting small notebooks is fun! I also love to wander the aisles of books in the bookstore and look for new books…

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    Book Reviews

    Books: A Memoir by Larry McMurtry | Book Review

    Books: A Memoir by Larry McMurtry Original Publication Date: 2008 Genres: Memoir Source: I purchased this book Goodreads Larry McMurtry wrote books in many genres, from coming-of-age novels, such as The Last Picture Show to the reinvention of the “Western” on a grand scale like the Pulitzer Prize-winning Lonesome Dove. He writes about himself as a boy growing up in a largely “bookless” world, as a young man devouring the world of literature, as a fledgling writer and family man, and above all as one of America’s most prominent screenwriters. He Is An Academy Award and Pulitzer Prize Winner Larry McMurtry is the author of many fine novels and screenplays,…