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    The New York Public Library Turns 125!

    New York Public Library

    The New York Public Library Turns 125 This Year! The header photo is of the Main Reading Room at the New York Public Library. Isn’t it a gorgeous room? Look at all the beautiful details in the ceiling, the walls, and the lamps! What a lovely place to read and study! The Library’s website is also celebrating the anniversary: The Library’s 125th anniversary is a moment to honor and reaffirm the enduring power of libraries. Our values of trust, respect, and free and open access to knowledge and opportunity are as essential today as ever before. This magnificent library is celebrating the anniversary in many ways, including announcing the Top…

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    Environmental Mindfulness

    Environmental Mindfulness

    Environmental Mindfulness I am reading a charming little book called The Mindful Writer by Dinty W. Moore. This book was published by Wisdom Publications.  This publisher specializes in books with Buddhist themes. I am reading the Kindle version. However, I love the following paragraph about the physical edition on the copyright page: This book was produced with environmental mindfulness. We have elected to print this title on 30% PCW recycled paper. As a result, we have saved the following resources: 12 trees, 5 million BTUs of energy, 1,216 lbs. of greenhouse gases, 5,846 gallons of water, and 347 lbs. of solid waste. And the book has fewer than 200 pages!…

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    Book Sale Season


    Book Sale Season Is Here! I recently scored great books at area book sales. What I Bought An Episode of Sparrows by Rumer Godden Some of these books I have read before (McCullers, Knowles, Sinclair) but not for a long time. The Oxford Guide I have wanted for a while, and the Illustrated Brontes are interesting. I own the DVD of the British series of the same name, and the Brontes are a fascinating family. There is a great website to track down book sales in your area: Book Sale Finder. Please also read about 5 Books and Authors I Haven’t Read . . . Yet and also What I…

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    What I Am Reading Right Now

    Current Reading

    What Am I Reading? I am currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt on my Kindle. My plans are to attempt to read some of the books I started within the past year but never finished because I was distracted by certain events. I was away from book blogging because the past few months have indeed been very busy. Someone I knew was getting married, so I attended an engagement party/“surprise” bridal shower/and posh wedding. I also knew two different people who died on the same day. So there were wakes/viewings/and funerals to attend. My husband and I spent some time in Pennsylvania visiting my stepdaughter and her husband. I…

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    Confessions Of A Book Blogger


    Confessions Of A Book Blogger As a book blogger, I have some confessions to make. I hereby confess: I have never read any of the Harry Potter books. I have never read any of the Lord of the Rings books. I have never read any of the Hunger Games books. I have never read any of the Twilight books. I am sure that all of these are fine, fine books. But to be honest, they just don’t interest me. I don’t read them and I certainly don’t feel qualified to review them. More Confessions I don’t care about vampires, zombies, witches, fantasy, science fiction, or paranormal. Some of these books…