Environmental Mindfulness

Environmental Mindfulness

Environmental Mindfulness

I am reading a charming little book called The Mindful Writer by Dinty W. Moore.

This book was published by Wisdom Publications.  This publisher specializes in books with Buddhist themes.

I am reading the Kindle version. However, I love the following paragraph about the physical edition on the copyright page:

This book was produced with environmental mindfulness. We have elected to print this title on 30% PCW recycled paper. As a result, we have saved the following resources: 12 trees, 5 million BTUs of energy, 1,216 lbs. of greenhouse gases, 5,846 gallons of water, and 347 lbs. of solid waste.

And the book has fewer than 200 pages!

Psychology and Climate Change

There are connections between how we handle the effects of climate change.

As The American Psychological Association reports:

The effects of climate change on human lives are impossible to ignore. It affects every element of human living, from physical and mental health to global economic disruption. Climate change increases the number of people exposed to extreme incidents and, therefore, to subsequent psychological issues, such as worry, loss, grief, anxiety, depression, distress, trauma and even suicide (Doherty & Clayton, 2011).

Please also read To Autumn by John Keats.

Thank you for reading The Literary Lioness!

I love books, writing, film, and television.

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