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    Baby Peggy Turns 100 Years Old!

    Happy Birthday, Baby Peggy! Baby Peggy, the last of the silent film stars, turns 100 years old today! She was born Peggy-Jean Montgomery on October 29, 1918. She became one of the biggest child stars of the silent movie era. Peggy was a millionaire by the time she was six. Soon her career crashed and the Depression hit. She was broke and working as an extra by the time she was a teenager. One Of The First Child Stars in Films As Refinery 29 reported: At the age of 5, Diana Serra Cary, better known as child superstar Baby Peggy, was a self-made multimillionaire, the star of nearly 150 shorts…

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    Sylvia Plath Reading “A Birthday Present”

    a birthday present

    Today Would Have Been Sylvia Plath’s 86th Birthday This is a video of her reading her poem “A Birthday Present.” This poem was recorded in October 1962. She was married to the famous British poet Ted Hughes. They had separated, and she reacted by writing angry poetry. An Obsession With Death The vast majority of Sylvia Plath’s poems are obsessed with death. Is the “present” a gift of death? I remember being so startled the first time I heard recordings of Plath’s voice. She had acquired a strong British accent. Plath turned 30 during the month this was recorded. She sounds much older. She would not live to see her…