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    I Love Lunchtime Reading!

    Lunchtime Reading

    Lunchtime The other day I was in the lunchroom at work. I took out my food from my lunch bag and then rummaged in the handbag for my ever-present Current Lunchtime Book. No book. Oh, no. I must have taken out my book last night when cleaning out the handbag and forgotten to put it back in! What to do? No Book To Read! I know that my book obsession has gotten out of control. I have books on the floor, bathroom, and in my bed. My car is so packed with books that I have dubbed it The Bookmobile. I scatter books when I walk. I always have several…

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    I’m So Excited To Welcome You To The Literary Lioness!

    Welcome to the bookshop

    Welcome! It’s so amazing that we live in a world where we can all share how we feel about different things. The Internet means that we can share things that we enjoy with people from around the world! I Love To Read and Write It’s so nice to know that there are other people out there who love books as much as I do. Hopefully, I can share with you the books that I have recently read. I love “neglected” books and “forgotten” classics. Since I am also a writer, I will be discussing my adventures as a freelancer. I am also obsessed with cats, typography, fonts, obscure movies, and…