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    Moving My Blog From Blogger To WordPress (and changing the permalink structure!)

    WordPress typewriter

    When I first moved The Literary Lioness over to WordPress back in 2017, I made SO. MANY. MISTAKES. I was DETERMINED not to make those same mistakes when I recently moved my other blog, New Jersey Memories, over to WordPress. Moving From Blogger to WordPress I loved Blogger but I needed to move to WordPress. Google Search Console (GSC) was refusing to index some of my posts, no matter how many times I submitted sitemaps. You would think that since Blogger is a Google product that there would be no problems. But GSC remained stubbornly aloof. Getting Used To WordPress Things have changed a lot in WordPress since 2017. The…

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    Happy Mother’s Day And 2 Crazy Weeks | Sunday Wrap-Up


    Mother’s Day The Sunday Salon is a weekly blog hop hosted by Readerbuzz. The Sunday Post is hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer. Happy Mother’s Day Everyone! I hope you have a great day! WordPress Automatically Sending New Comments To Trash I use comment moderation because of spamming issues. This is a chronic issue for WordPress users. WordPress has been automatically adding new comments on my blog to TRASH. I am very sorry if it seems that I have ignored your comments. The Comments section on the Dashboard didn’t show that there were ANY comments. Usually, it shows a bright red number when there are comments. It showed nothing. I admit that…

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    Easter Sunday, Cherry Blossoms, and YouTube | Sunday Wrap-Up

    sunrise over clouds

    The Sunday Salon is a weekly blog hop hosted by Readerbuzz. The Sunday Post is hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer. Easter Sunday Mr. Lioness and I spent last Sunday eating a delicious Easter dinner at my sister-in-law’s house. The dinner was wonderful: roast beef, potatoes, asparagus, salad, and lots of wine! It was great seeing all the family again. It’s wonderful to see the little children growing up and developing strong personalities! Especially after two long years of COVID, it’s nice to get back to a somewhat normal life. Reading I posted a review of The Fur Person by May Sarton. It’s a lovely book about a stray cat’s search for…

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    My Brand-New Computer Was Built Especially For Me!

    Desktop Computer

    I Needed A New Computer My 10-year-old laptop was wonderful but starting to slow down. It kept overheating, and the battery was starting to die. There was no point in buying a new one for such an old laptop. I went out to buy a new laptop but quickly became disenchanted because the screens were so small. Using my computer for hours a day means that I needed a powerful computer with plenty of storage. Let’s Build A Desktop PC! My husband, Mr. Lioness, likes to build his own desktop PCs from scratch. I decided that it would be a very good idea to have him build ME one from…

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    Difficult Times

    difficult foggy road

    I am sorry that I have not been posting on this blog but I have been going through some very difficult times lately. This Year Has Been Difficult My mother died. We were very close. In the last few years, she did suffer from dementia, so I did have some time to prepare for her death, but it is still very hard. Dementia is a truly terrible thing. It is very difficult watching someone’s mind deteriorate. My mother loved to read, and she passed her joy of reading unto me. We loved discussing books together. The day I realized that she was unable to read anymore was a shocking day.…