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My Brand-New Computer Was Built Especially For Me!

Desktop Computer
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I Needed A New Computer

My 10-year-old laptop was wonderful but starting to slow down.

It kept overheating, and the battery was starting to die. There was no point in buying a new one for such an old laptop.

I went out to buy a new laptop but quickly became disenchanted because the screens were so small.

Using my computer for hours a day means that I needed a powerful computer with plenty of storage.

Let’s Build A Desktop PC!

My husband, Mr. Lioness, likes to build his own desktop PCs from scratch.

I decided that it would be a very good idea to have him build ME one from scratch.

Mr. Lioness was delighted. This is what he LOVES doing.

We started making plans. We wrote down everything I needed.

He wanted to make a desktop geared for MY specific needs, including plenty of storage for photos.

I also needed to be able to upgrade to any new Windows Updates.

We Spent Weeks Planning and Ordering Parts

Mr. Lioness started ordering parts from Amazon. We visited (masked up) Best Buy and a great tech store named Micro Center. I bought plenty of flash drives at Micro Center, in addition to some other computer parts.

Mr. Lioness sat on the living room rug and put the whole thing together in a few hours. He worked carefully to put everything together correctly.

Meanwhile, I completely cleaned my desk and continued saving everything I wanted from my laptop onto flash drives. I had been doing this for a few days.

There were literally thousands of photos and documents. I did not want to transfer ALL of them to the new computer.

Non-essential files were kept on those flash drives. Why waste precious computer space?

Anything I needed to transfer to the new desktop I stored in a large flash drive.

Almost Ready

After my husband put it all together, we connected the computer.

I started installing files from my flash drives to my new computer. I kept remembering more things I needed to transfer over. This took a few days.

Everything is working very well. I love my new computer.

I now have a brand new computer built especially for me!


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