Borders Books 1971-2011 Farewell

Borders Books flagship store
Borders Books flagship store Ann Arbor, Michigan. Public Domain Photo by Lovelac7.

Borders Books Will Be Closing All Their Stores

It’s a sad day for book lovers — Borders Books will be closing all their stores. Sigh.

I had wonderful times at the store in Wayne, NJ.

That store closed several years ago when Wayne Towne Center mall was partially demolished.

I spent many happy hours reading books, buying books, and choosing opera CDs for Christmas gifts for my relatives.

Even though it was a chain, that store was very “homey”. I remember swing music playing and people dancing in the aisles.

That branch was my favorite chain bookstore EVER. No one ever pestered you if you sat in a chair reading a book for a long time, as has happened to me in OTHER bookstores.

Everyone who worked there was extremely friendly.

I have really missed that store.

Of course, thousands of people across the country will lose their jobs.

Borders to close all 399 bookstores, sending book-lovers reeling 

Lamenting Borders’ Death at ‘Store No. 1’

There is an excellent post about this on Shawn James blog.

My Last Visits

The first three photos of this post are from Borders Books at Rockaway Mall in New Jersey, and the last two are from Lycoming Mall in Pennsylvania.

It was very sad to see them having Going Out Of Business sales.

They will be missed!

Please read my post Time Out For Books.

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  • jillian

    This makes me so sad. The first time they started closing a lot of the stores, I was already heartbroken since they didn't leave any open near me. But now, knowing ALL Borders are closing is even more heart breaking! So sad. I've spent so many hours here.

  • Shawn James

    I just started shopping at Borders in 2007. Me and my sister would take trips to the store next to Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. I That store was so sterile; I wish I could have expereinced the old Borders stores everyone talks about that stocked all the niche and small press books because I feel I could get comfortable in a bookstore like that and would shop there regularly.
    I really bad for all the people who are going to be out of work. 
    On another note, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind comments. It hurts my heart when a bookstore closes because the community loses a chance to share art and culture.

  • The Literary Lioness

    Yes, I loved the Borders in Wayne, NJ. It was well stocked but also had a homey feel.

    I do hope that Books-A-Million buys up some of the Borders stores.

    Where I live there are several Barnes & Nobles and some great independent bookshops not far away! (I listed them on the bottom of my blog!)

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