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    Easter Sunday, Cherry Blossoms, and YouTube | Sunday Wrap-Up

    sunrise over clouds

    The Sunday Salon is a weekly blog hop hosted by Readerbuzz. The Sunday Post is hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer. Easter Sunday Mr. Lioness and I spent last Sunday eating a delicious Easter dinner at my sister-in-law’s house. The dinner was wonderful: roast beef, potatoes, asparagus, salad, and lots of wine! It was great seeing all the family again. It’s wonderful to see the little children growing up and developing strong personalities! Especially after two long years of COVID, it’s nice to get back to a somewhat normal life. Reading I posted a review of The Fur Person by May Sarton. It’s a lovely book about a stray cat’s search for…

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    My Brand-New Computer Was Built Especially For Me!

    Desktop Computer

    I Needed A New Computer My 10-year-old laptop was wonderful but starting to slow down. It kept overheating, and the battery was starting to die. There was no point in buying a new one for such an old laptop. I went out to buy a new laptop but quickly became disenchanted because the screens were so small. Using my computer for hours a day means that I needed a powerful computer with plenty of storage. Let’s Build A Desktop PC! My husband, Mr. Lioness, likes to build his own desktop PCs from scratch. I decided that it would be a very good idea to have him build ME one from…

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    Democracy Dies in Darkness

    Democracy at the U.S. Capitol

    Democracy Dies in Darkness The Washington Post unveiled its new slogan on February 22, 2017. The word “democracy” suddenly spiked as people looked up the word and sought its true meaning According to Merriam-Webster: Democracy means “a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting.” It came to English from French in the early 1500s, but traces back through Latin to Greek; it was formed from the Greek words dēmos, meaning “people” and kratia, meaning “strength” or “power.” Democracy is among the most looked-up words in our dictionary, and is currently #12 in all-time lookups.   A Powerful Video by The Washington Post This was shown during the…

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    Baby Peggy Turns 100 Years Old!

    Happy Birthday, Baby Peggy! Baby Peggy, the last of the silent film stars, turns 100 years old today! She was born Peggy-Jean Montgomery on October 29, 1918. She became one of the biggest child stars of the silent movie era. Peggy was a millionaire by the time she was six. Soon her career crashed and the Depression hit. She was broke and working as an extra by the time she was a teenager. One Of The First Child Stars in Films As Refinery 29 reported: At the age of 5, Diana Serra Cary, better known as child superstar Baby Peggy, was a self-made multimillionaire, the star of nearly 150 shorts…

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    Free Press newspaper

    #FreePress Is Trending Today The Boston Globe and over 300 newspapers and other media outlets have written editorials today about a #FreePress. We are fighting to have a Free Press to protect our cherished Democracy. The current President of the United States has been attacking the press because they won’t always cater to his extreme narcissism and insane agenda. He has experience in politics and seems to want to do whatever Vladimir Putin wants him to do. He also is very interested in what will make him money. Everything is transactional to Trump. This is completely unacceptable. Below are some top editorials and quotes from them: The Boston Globe: Journalists…