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    Leave A Light On For Me


    We Need Some Light The last several weeks have been difficult in the New Jersey and New York areas as we recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. After two major storms last year, Hurricane Irene and the weird Snowtober storm, I learned my lesson and made sure that I did not have too many perishables in the refrigerator. On the night of the storm, the lights stayed on for longer than we had hoped. But then the lights started flickering and finally, around 9 p.m. the lights went off and we were plunged into total darkness. Since the lights did not come back until Friday, we mostly subsisted on…

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    Change Myself To Be A Better Person!

    change yourself

    If You Could Change Something About Yourself, What Would It Be? There are many things that I would change about myself. If I had to choose one thing to change about myself, right now, it would be my habit of procrastination. I always seem to dread even simple tasks, and I do not know why. There are just some things that I do not like to do, and I try to avoid them, but eventually, I know that I will have to do them, or chaos reigns. For example, while studying at the university, I was required to take math, science, and languages. These were not my best subjects –…

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    If I Was Offered A New Book Deal . . . I Would Be So Happy!

    book shop deal

    You’ve been offered a book deal! What would you write about? Getting a book deal is a dream of mine! There are so many things that I want to write about! I would love to write a book of essays and also a novel. My husband and II would love to write and photograph a book about New Jersey. Of course, I’d like to go to Europe to photograph and write about it – England, Italy, France, Spain, and Germany. I’d also go to Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. It would be great if I had a publisher who’d pay for my travels, especially if I could bring my husband…

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    Confessions Of A Book Blogger


    Confessions Of A Book Blogger As a book blogger, I have some confessions to make. I hereby confess: I have never read any of the Harry Potter books. I have never read any of the Lord of the Rings books. I have never read any of the Hunger Games books. I have never read any of the Twilight books. I am sure that all of these are fine, fine books. But to be honest, they just don’t interest me. I don’t read them and I certainly don’t feel qualified to review them. More Confessions I don’t care about vampires, zombies, witches, fantasy, science fiction, or paranormal. Some of these books…

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    These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things . . .

    favorite Kindle

    My Favorite Things My favorite things that I can own right now are books. I love books in every way, shape, and form. Since I live in a tiny apartment, I can’t have too many physical books around. Just enough to fill up two bookcases. That’s where Kindle comes in. Further Reading You may also like 9 Things That Bring Me Joy. Thank you for reading The Literary Lioness!