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What I Have Learned From Book Blogging

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What Have I Learned From Book Blogging?

I have learned so much. Mostly I have learned all the things that I DIDN’T know about book blogging.

I must admit that I knew nothing about Advanced Reading Copies and that I could get free books to read before they were published.

Vaguely aware that big-time book reviewers from places like The New York Times must get books ahead of time.  I didn’t know that bloggers could get them!

I also knew nothing about book publishing conferences such as Book Expo America, which I attended last year!

My knowledge of CURRENT literature was severely lacking. I tend to read books by dead authors.

Now That I Know . . .

My Kindle has now won my heart. I  have become quite a committed Kindle fanatic and am now favoring it over physical books!

I didn’t think that would happen, but it did.

My bookshelves are now bulging with my TBR books and my Kindle is packed with unread books!

Mostly, though, I have learned so much about books and authors that I have never heard of before.

It has been a fun and interesting journey to enjoy all those books!

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