9 Things That Bring Me Joy

9 Things That Bring Me Joy

They may be numbered, but not exactly in the correct order.

  1. Reading – I can’t live without reading.
  2. Writing – this includes making lists.
  3. Taking photos of and writing about interesting places and things.
  4. Eating a really good dinner that I didn’t cook – I don’t like cooking. I love going out to eat.
  5. Having a totally clean home – is a big accomplishment for me because it’s such a rare occurrence. It’s a miracle!
  6. Visiting a nice place we haven’t been to before. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just has to be different.
  7. Summer – especially in a really beautiful place like Cape May, New Jersey. I love the warm weather and the beautiful Jersey Shore.
  8. Shopping – this is bad. I especially like antique shops and Home Goods.
  9. Being with my husband. Even while shopping in Home Goods and he whines “Are we done yet?”, I still love him.

There are many things that bring me joy, but these are some of my favorites. Even though I listed my husband as #9, he is still first in my book.

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