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Something Inside of Me | Book Review

Something Inside of Me | Book Review Something Inside of Me: How to Hang on to Heaven When You Are Going Through Hell by Chitoka Webb
Original Publication Date: 2011
Genres: Memoir, Non-Fiction
Source: Advanced Reading Copy from the publisher.

Something inside of her: the inspiring story of how one woman’s journey through poverty and debilitating illness catapulted her to the halls of power as a successful businesswoman. Long before selling secondhand belongings on eBay and Craigslist was the rage, a preteen Chitoka Webb sold what others saw as junk to the residents of her neighborhood and made a profit. At the age of thirteen, she talked her way into a job as the youngest checker at a local grocery store. Without a college degree, through tenacity, grit, and a healthy dose of faith in herself, Chitoka became the owner of several businesses before the age of thirty. In Something Inside of Me, Chitoka Webb shares her poignant, funny, and inspiring life story, from her humble beginnings in the Nashville housing projects to her rise as the CEO of several companies. Through stories of the many struggles she faced, from poverty to racism to the loss of her vision, Chitoka demonstrates the amazing human ability to triumph over extreme adversity through willpower, faith, and constant love for oneself. Chitoka will inspire you to find the something inside that provides the hope to discover what is most important to you and the courage to attain it for yourself.

Chitoka Webb’s memoir Something Inside of Me: How to Hang on to Heaven When You Are Going Through Hell tells the incredible story of how she rose from poverty to become a powerful businesswoman. She grew up in the projects of Nashville and faced hurdles by being African-American and a woman.

She grew up in poverty. Early on, Chitoka knew she was different from everyone else.

She learned to have a certain belief in herself – something inside of her — that has been good for her through the years.

Chitoka Webb Had To Fight A Devastating Illness

She became a master barber and also opened up two barbershops and three healthcare agencies, all before the age of thirty.

Chitoka was doing exceptionally well when a devastating illness threatened everything – her work, her sight, and even her life.

How did Chitoka Webb, who almost didn’t graduate from high school, find the courage to fight poverty, drug addiction, racism, sexism, a somewhat obsessive-compulsive nature, and the agonizingly painful illness that left her blind and threatened her life?

She says:

Choices are a form of power when you are faced with a situation that offers you no options. You don’t always have control of your options, but you always have control of your choices.

Final Analysis

I think this book and Chitoka are truly inspirational!

She has such a  positive attitude and works hard to get what she wants.

It is a short book, but very empowering.

Chitoka believes in doing everything with “excellence.” This book should be required reading for everyone — especially all young people.

Here is an interview with Chitoka!

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About Chitoka Webb

Chitoka Webb was born on December 18,1974. Webb is an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker from Nashville, Tennessee.

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