Please Accept My Humble Apologies

I want to apologize to anyone from a WordPress blog who commented on Sunday’s post. For some reason, I can’t seem to make comments on WordPress blogs anymore.

One of the blogs offered the option to comment through Google Plus. Google + refused to accept “Literary Lioness” as a real name, even though I used “Literary” as the first name, and “Lioness” as the last name. Gee, I wonder why that didn’t work. Hmmm. Right now I don’t want my real name associated with the blog, although I probably will in the future.

When will Google learn that forcing Google + on people won’t work? Twitter and Facebook became so successful not because anyone forced them into using it!

I then tried to comment with Gravatar but now it seems that Gravatar only works for WordPress blogs nowadays.

And when I just try to make any kind of comment on these WordPress blogs, it looks as if the comment was accepted, but they never appear! No explanation, either.

I’m mad at WordPress for making it so difficult to comment on their blogs! It never used to be a problem.

However . . .

I have seriously considered changing to anyway (the hosted version because I don’t think I have the technical know-how to self-host a blog at Self-hosting to me would be a huge leap, and I find that WordPress has quite a high learning curve. I would also miss the Blogger Template Designer, which I can play with for hours!

Of course I’d have to give up my Google Friends gadget and I would not allowed to be able to have ads, but I have never made any money off of this blog anyway (except once), and that was never my intention when I started blogging.

I did a trial run recently and the posts transferred over perfectly. My big stumbling block now is I’m trying to figure out how to transfer the domain name over! I bought it through Google (or rather I “rent” it on a year-to-year basis), and I have no idea how to get the domain name over to WordPress.

Has anyone reading this made the switch from Blogger to WordPress? What are your opinions???