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    These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things . . .

    favorite Kindle

    My Favorite Things My favorite things that I can own right now are books. I love books in every way, shape, and form. Since I live in a tiny apartment, I can’t have too many physical books around. Just enough to fill up two bookcases. That’s where Kindle comes in. Further Reading You may also like 9 Things That Bring Me Joy. Thank you for reading The Literary Lioness!

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    I Love Organizing Books and Meeting Authors

    organizing books

    Organizing Your Books I love organizing my books. When I was little, my room wasn’t that neat, but all my children’s books were arranged on my big bookcase in alphabetical order by the author’s last name! Right now I have some volumes in a storage facility, some on shelves, and others scattered around the bedroom, bathroom, and living room (and I’m not going to post photos of that mess!) I am giving some away to charity (if I haven’t read them in ten years I’m never going to read them!). But most importantly, I bought a Kindle a few months ago and have them on there. It can hold over…

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    Kindle Love


    I Love My Kindle I recently acquired an Amazon Kindle and I love it! It’s funny, but not that long ago I swore that I would never have an e-reader. I love print books — the feel of them and turning the pages and everything about them. But I live in a very small apartment and was starting to feel the need to simplify my life. My apartment looks like a branch of the local library. I also am being offered many books for review for this blog. I was getting even more books to fill up my crowded space. I finally started to realize that I really needed a…

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    Make Time To Read Great Books

    Time Out For Books

    More than anything else, I love to read and write. So if I could choose any place to have a time out from life, it would be a bookstore or library. Make The Time To Read Great Books I love going to bookstores, drinking in the cafe and eating delicious desserts, and spending time reading magazines. I love to carry a small notebook and pen in my purse and sit in the bookstore, writing essays, short stories, and blog posts. I love to write with pen and paper. Collecting small notebooks is fun! I also love to wander the aisles of books in the bookstore and look for new books…

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    Books and Authors I Hate

    Moby Dick books

    Books And Authors I Hate Yes! At least for now. Here are some “classic” works of literature that I just don’t like. So sue me. Books and authors I hate? Perhaps I will feel differently in a few years. Further Reading Books and Authors I Haven’t Read . . . Yet Also this: Talking about books I don’t like – Modern Mrs. Darcy Thank you for reading The Literary Lioness!