Book Review: The New York Regional Mormon Single Halloween Dance: A Memoir by Elna Baker

Title: The New York Regional Mormon Single Halloween Dance: A Memoir
Author: Elna Baker
Genre: Non Fiction
Year Published: 2009
Format: Paperback
Source: I purchased this book. 
Elna Baker’s The New York Regional Mormon Single Halloween Dance: A Memoir is a refreshing look at a Mormon girl’s experiences in New York.

Baker decides to attend New York University to study acting and then become an actress. How can a virgin survive in the big bad city? Baker is continually caught between her faith in her Mormon religion and between her natural physical desires. When Elna first arrives in New York she is not only a Mormon and a virgin, but she also is quite overweight. She loses eighty pounds and enjoys the sudden attention she gets from men. She enjoys kissing but because of her religious beliefs cannot go further, even when her body tells her otherwise. It especially causes problems when she falls in love with non-Mormons.
What’s interesting about the book is that Elna has a great sense of humor and she’s not afraid of sex, actually her sense of humor is surprisingly raunchy at times! She’s not judgmental of others at all which help a great deal with living in New York.

The only problems with the book? Elna certainly seems to have no money problems (her father apparently was an executive at Boeing and the family lived all over the world), and sometimes, just like any twenty-something, she is quite self-absorbed.

Disclosure: I purchased this book.

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A. Probably one of my favorite fictional characters is Francie Nolan from A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Francie is always hungry in the book (actually half-starved), so any good three course meal would be wonderful for her. I know she’d like an ice-cream soda! (the first boy who asks her out on a date does so at an ice cream parlor).

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