These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things . . .

My favorite things that I can own right now are books. I love books in every way, shape or form. Since I live in a tiny apartment, I can’t have too many physical books around. Just enough to fill up two bookcases. That’s where Kindle comes in.

I can pack over 3,000 books on my Kindle and love it! Yes, physical books are still my favorite. But they take up space and sometimes are quite heavy. It’s hard to read heavy books in bed at night. But many nights I fall asleep clutching my Kindle. I love that I can organize the books on my Kindle in whatever order I want – The Most Recently Read, by Title, by the author’s last name, etc. I also love that many pre-1923 out-of-copyright books are free! I have downloaded Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Willa Cather, and Charles Dickens for free.

My place is neater, too. An e-reader is a minimalist’s dream, and while I will never be a minimalist at least I don’t have books scattered all over the place, covering almost every available surface.

 I recently acquired my very first iPhone, and immediately downloaded my first app – the Kindle app! I now need an iPhone intervention. Since I don’t like taking my Kindle out of the house, it’s lovely to know that all those books I downloaded from my Kindle to my iPhone are right there with me wherever I go, every time I want to read them.

Written for Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop.

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