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    Save Karyn: One Shopaholic’s Journey to Debt and Back by Karyn Bosnak | Book Review

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    Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back by Karyn Bosnak Genres: Memoir, Non-Fiction Original Publication Date: 2003 Source: I purchased this book Goodreads Find the Author: Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram, Pinterest What would you do if you owed $20,000? Would you: A) not tell your parents? B) start your own website that asked for money without apology? or C) stop coloring your hair, getting pedicures, and buying Gucci? If you were Karyn Bosnak, you’d do all three. Karyn started a funny yet honest website, www.savekaryn.com, on which she asked for donations to help her get out of debt. Karyn received e-mails from people all over…