Borders Books 1971-2011 R.I.P.

It’s a sad day for booklovers — Borders Books will be closing all their stores. Sigh.

I had wonderful times in the Borders Store, in Wayne, NJ (above photo). That store closed several years ago when Wayne Towne Center mall was partially demolished. I spent many happy hours reading books, buying books, and choosing opera CDs for Christmas gifts for my relatives. Even though it was a chain, that store was very “homey”. I remember swing music playing and people dancing in the aisles. 

I have really missed that store.
Of course, thousands of people across the country will lose their jobs, during one of the worst recessions ever. 

You will be missed, Borders.

Lamenting Borders’ Death at ‘Store No. 1’

Borders to close all 399 bookstores, sending book-lovers reeling

There is an excellent post about this on Shawn James blog.

Mental_Floss and Elephant

I was in Borders yesterday drinking coffee in the cafe and leafing through magazines that I couldn’t afford to buy (I had to buy the coffee because I was FREEZING!) Anyway, I really like to read off-beat magazines when I do this because they can be so interesting. I saw two magazines that I’d never seen before and they were great.

First, I read Mental_Floss. I think that I’m going to have to break down and buy this issue. It was so interesting! There were so many interesting stories. Most of the articles in this issue have to do with “Crazy Smart” people and were written in a screaming tabloid style. If you look at the cover on the left you will see what I mean. They also had two articles on Sweden inside. My mother was born in Sweden (and my father in Denmark which makes me a true Scandinavian). This magazine is “where knowledge junkies get their fix.” Here is their website, which is way cool.

I also found the first issue of a magazine called Elephant. It is a very thick, glossy magazine about visual culture and art. It has a high sticker price of $19.99 because it is a British import. Here is a look inside the current issue. This is a beautifully designed magazine that is not just pretty on the surface but has interesting articles, too!