A Star is Born!

I’m excited that the Sochi Olympics are coming to soon to enliven this dreadfully cold and snowy winter! One of the figure skaters the U.S. is sending to Sochi Olympics is Jason Brown.

The U.S. only qualified to send two male singles skaters to the Olympics. Jason was a distant 3rd in the short program, but when he took the ice for his long program, he had no idea that the next few minutes were going to change his life forever! He skated the long program of his life and has won the hearts of skating fans from around the world.

He ended up finishing 2nd at the U.S. Championships and was named to the Olympic team.

He looked like he was having a lot of fun and so was the audience. Watch his reaction when he finds out his scores! His coach doesn’t look surprised at all, but Jason looks stunned!

He doesn’t really have a chance to medal at the Olympics because he doesn’t do any quadruple jumps. I just hope that Jason goes to the Olympics and skates his best and has a great time.

He has been sending out a flurry of thrilled tweets ever since he was named to the team, especially since the media has discovered him and he has been getting praise from those he admires.

Here is his Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasonbskates

Even his ponytail has a Twitter account now:  https://twitter.com/2014PonyPower


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