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The last several weeks have been difficult in the New Jersey and New York area as we recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

After two major storms last year, Hurricane Irene and the weird Snowtober storm, I learned my lesson and made sure that I did not have too many perishables in the refrigerator. Because of several power outages, we lost a lot of food last year and since we have a very limited budget it was gut-wrenchingly expensive to replace, not to mention that we had to out several times. My husband and I live in a tiny apartment so a generator is not an option.

On Monday, the night of the storm, the lights stayed on for longer than we had hoped. But then the lights started flickering and finally around 9 p.m. the lights went off and we were plunged into total darkness. Since the lights did not come back until Friday, we mostly subsisted on granola bars and dry cereal out of the box, washed down with water. The internet service flickered on and off, and occasionally I was able to check out the internet on my smartphone, for which I was very thankful that I received earlier this year. Only occasionally could we make calls, however, since the phone service was sketchy.

Most of the businesses around us were closed due to lack of power. After a day or so, we started venturing out to see what our area looked like. We live in North Jersey, not near the shore.

 In the town of Nutley, we saw this:

The area we live in had many downed wires and trees, but that was about it. However, the beautiful Jersey shore suffered heartbreakingly extensive damage. Many homes, cars, and businesses were totally destroyed. The Jersey shore’s topography changed dramatically. It has become a different place now.

Many of the areas suffered not only those damages, but there were many gas leaks in the area and even now, more than two weeks later, many residents have not been able to return to their ruined homes to check the damage. Many towns will never be the same.

Some residents on Long Island and Staten are STILL without power, more than two weeks later.

I got tired of trying to read books by flashlight, so I finally gave up. Taking showers by flashlight, however, is pretty interesting!

My husband and I were lucky, because food can be replaced. On Friday, we got our electricity back; the thing that made me smile most was having electricity and light! Light for the lamps and the television! It felt so luxurious. Once we saw on television what had happened, we were heartbroken. That night we watched the “Concert for Sandy” and luxuriated in the light.

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  1. So glad you're safe and didn't suffer much damage in your area. I know how awful it is to be without power. Mine was off for over a week a couple of years ago, and you really realize just how dependent you are on it.

  2. Nice post. I'm glad your power is back —and hope that others who got it worse will be able to recover.

    The problem with outages is that we are not prepared to live without the power that runs our homes. I lived in a small town in Brazil's interior for 2 years without electricity, running water, or sewage system. Some had radios hooked up to car batteries, but there was no TV or phone service. But there, everyone got along without the things we have come to depend on, because they never had them. I was back to that town last year. Although there are still people in rural areas who live like that, the town I lived in has all "modern conveniences" now.

    When we see a storm like Sandy, we send as much as we can to charities who will help. Then we discuss preparing ourselves in case it should ever happen here —and then we don't.

    My response to Mama Kat's prompt is here: http://proartz.blogspot.com/2012/11/this-weeks-prompt-on-mamas-losin-it-was.html