October’s Bright Blue Weather

It’s October and I love this weather! I’m always sad to see summer go, but I do love the fall! It is beautiful outside, and the trees are slowly becoming more colorful.

I’ve been very busy this month: I’ve been cleaning out a huge storage unit and my husband and I have been fighting over what to keep and what gets donated or thrown out. It is our own version of “Storage Wars”. Yuuuuup!

I have literally thousands of books in storage, and now many of them are being donated to Goodwill. It is always wrenching to give up good books, but I can’t afford to keep wasting my money on a storage unit and we only have a two-room apartment. Besides, I have a Kindle now and don’t need so many physical books! It’s time to clean out.

My husband doesn’t have books to donate, but he is obsessed with tools and computer supplies, especially cable cords. He literally has dozens of them, and he needs to give them up! But he has as hard a time giving them up as I have in giving up books.

I’m also catching up on magazine reading! I have many, many magazines:

These are only a few of the magazines I’ve been hoarding (yes, now it’s like an episode of “Hoarders”. They’re also in the bathroom, the bedroom, and hidden in boxes.

Why do I have so many magazines? My mother-in-law subscribes to People (a true guilty pleasure — it’s like chocolate), and gives me her copies after she finishes reading them. I also live near a dollar store that has pretty current issues of good magazines for only a dollar!

Anyway, I’m reading magazines constantly and then recycling them. I really love magazines, especially decorating, gossip, and writing magazines.

I’ve also been reading books and am busy writing reviews. I am also writing a book that I want to published next year.

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  1. I taught literature for 27 years and was a librarian for 3 years, so I had a ridiculous number of books. The last time I moved, I purged my collection…but still brought boxes and boxes with me. My eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, so a couple of years ago I switched to a Kindle too. I understand how you feel, because it's time to get rid of more books, but it's not something I enjoy doing.