Book Review: The Complete Book of the Olympics: 2012 Edition by David Wallechinsky

Title: The Complete Book of the Olympics: 2012 Edition
Author: David Wallechinsky
Genre: Non-Fiction/Sports
Format: Paperback
Year Published: 2012/new edition published every 4 years
Source: I purchased this book.

Every four years when the summer Olympics are on, I become completely immersed in gymnastics, swimming, and running. I will find myself at 3 in the morning watching sailing – an event so boring to watch that it helps me fall asleep. I am an Olympics junkie!

This is why I have barely touched my blogs during the last few weeks. I am still in a state of delirious happiness because the U.S. women’s gymnastics team – MY gymnastics team — won the team gold medal! I am a huge fan and kept telling my husband that if only they would win the team gold medal, my Olympics would be complete. I’ll admit I cried when they won.

Since I still have the Olympics on my brain, I must confess that I have been absolutely ADDICTED to David Wallechinsky’s Olympic books for many years! They come out every four years. There are separate winter and summer Olympic editions. I admit that I prefer the summer Olympics to the winter Olympics (I am a big fan of summer in general), but I always buy the newest edition. The next winter edition will come out in early 2014, but the newest summer edition just came out this summer!

The 2012 edition covers all Summer Olympics events, including discontinued ones, up to the 2008 Beijing games. It is just as fascinating as his other editions. I can peruse this large book for hours.

The book doesn’t just tally up the medal winners. It shows the top 8 finishers in each event, and tells you many interesting little stories along the way. Some of the stories are happy and some are absolutely heartbreaking. You will be amazed when you find yourself reading incredible human interest stories about sports you may not even care about. But you will care about the athletes, no matter what country they are from or what sport they play.

I heartily recommend this book!

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  1. I agree that the NBC coverage was horrible. They should realize that they should show things live. They can always show some of it later on tape-delay at night. Times have changed, and NBC needs to get with the program.

    Anyway, it's a terrific book!