Book Review: Something Inside of Me by Chitoka Webb

Title: Something Inside of Me
Author: Chitoka Webb
Year Published: 2011
Genre: Memoir
Format: Paperback
Source: I picked up a copy of this book at BookExpoAmerica.

Chitoka Webb’s memoir tells the incredible story of how she rose from poverty to become a powerful businesswoman. She grew up in the projects of Nashville and faced hurdles by being African-American and a woman. Early on, Chitoka knew she was different. She learned to have a certain belief in herself – something inside of her — that has been good for her through the years.

She became a master barber and also opened up two barbershops and three health-care agencies, all before the age of thirty. She was doing exceptionally well when a devastating illness threatened everything – her work, her sight, and even her life.

How did Chitoka Webb, who almost didn’t graduate from high school, find the courage to fight poverty, drug addiction, racism, sexism, a somewhat obsessive-compulsive nature, and the agonizingly painful illness that left her blind and threatened her life? She says:

Choices are a form of power when you are faced with a situation that offers you no options. You don’t always have control of your options, but you always have control of your choices. 

 I think this book and Chitoka are truly inspirational! It is a short book, but very empowering. Chitoka believes in doing everything with “excellence.” This book should be required reading for everyone — especially all young people.

You can read about Chitoka at her website.

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