Kindle Love

I recently acquired an Amazon Kindle and I love it! It’s funny, but not that long ago I swore that I would never have an e-reader. I love real books — the feel of them and turning the pages and everything about them. But I live in a very small apartment and was starting to feel the need to simplify my life. My apartment looks like a branch of the local library.

I also am being offered many books for review for this blog, and I was getting even more books to fill up my crowded space. I finally started to realize that I really needed a Kindle so that most of the authors sending me books to review could send them to me electronically.

So I took some of my tax refund and bought a Kindle at Best Buy. It is marvelous. Within a few minutes the author’s book is on my Kindle! It saves them the time and expense of shipping a physical book.

I’m sure that the other eReaders are wonderful, too. I have played around with the Nook at Barnes and Noble, but I decided on a Kindle because so many books are available in that format. Most classic novels written before 1923 are free!

Don’t get me wrong. I still “pledge to read the printed word” as it says in my sidebar. But many books are still not available in eReader format.

I just love sitting in my recliner and having all these books on my Kindle for easy access. As a matter of fact, I think that I am reading more books than ever.

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