Book Review: No Greater Sacrifice by John C. Stipa

Title: No Greater Sacrifice
Author: John C. Stipa
Genre: Fiction/Thriller/Mystery
Format: Paperback
Year Published: 2009
Source: I was sent this book for review.

No Greater Sacrifice by John C. Stipa is a novel that combines many different genres in one book – history, romance, archeology, mystery, thriller, and religion. It is a rollicking ride from start to finish.

With a complicated and densely written plot, the book is quite long — almost 400 pages, but Stipa maintains interest until the end. This book is not superficial — the main characters are carefully drawn, and giving real-life quirks and passions all their own, and there is lots of detail.

The book begins with the murder of a priest in 1917 in France. The murder has remained an unsolved mystery. Fast forward to the present day. The main protagonist, Renee d’Arcadia, is an archeologist who is running out of time — she’s been diagnosed with a fatal case of leukemia. 

Renee is already quite fearless, but this diagnosis gives urgency to everything she does. She meets David Arturo, a troubled history professor, and soon they are embarked on a wild adventure involving archeological finds, tombs and literature in various European cities. There is a whole evil network racing to destroy them.
David is troubled by his past as a helicopter pilot, and thinks about his own character:

Not that most people cared about character. Outward appearance was what society emphasized. It wasn’t right. Character should be tantamount — integrity, bravery, and compassion are the things by which all men should be judged.

David is immediately fascinated by Renee, and knows that she is a kindred spirit in addition to acknowledging the strong physical attraction between them. The fact that they don’t immediately act on that attraction is also interesting.

David and Renee are pursued all over Europe by the “bad guys” who want precious artifacts. This evil network of criminals will do anything to destroy Renee and David.

If you enjoy romance, adventure, or mysteries, you will enjoy this book. The book doesn’t just entertain, it makes you really think about such diverse topics as archaeology, religion, and literature. You become completely involved in Renee and David’s world, and you are rooting for them to triumph over the evil forces against them.

You can read more about John C. Stipa at his WEBSITE.

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Book Blogger Hop

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That’s easy! Just like Jennifer at Crazy for Books, I would love a whole room dedicated as a library in my home. Right now, I live in a tiny apartment, but I dream of having a library room, with books on tall built-in shelves, cozy armchairs to sink into and ottomans to stretch my legs on, and a fireplace to sit by! A sidetable for a cup of tea . . . *dreaming* (sigh)

I also think that I will soon have to get an e-reader because I’m running out of space for my books!

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