Wordful Wednesday #1: Daisy the Cat, a.k.a. Shortcake

Why did I pick a photo of one of my dear, departed cats for Wordful Wednesday? Because Daisy looks so self-satisfied (and spoiled) in this photo. This photo was actually taken with a Polaroid camera! It not only captures her cuteness but her outgoing personality.

One of the reasons I chose this photo is because I love cats, which is partially why I chose the name The Literary Lioness for this blog. Cats and books just go together! Everyone knows that, right?
Daisy came to our house in an unusual way. It was a beautiful May day in 1984. My mother was in the backyard hanging up the wash on the line. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Suddenly my mother heard a sound, which sounded like meowing, but she told herself that it had to be a bird. After all, our seven cats were all indoors.

Then she heard the sound again.

My mother decided to investigate. She walked from the quite large back yard to the patio. Now she knew she was hearing something from the screened-in back porch. She opened the door and her jaw dropped. This beautiful little kitten came running over to her and meowing loudly, apparently crying “what took you so long!” That cat knew a sucker, er, Good Samaritan when she saw one.

My mother took one look at that face and that vivacious personality and was smitten with that kitten forever.

My mother brought out milk and watched her drink it up. Then my mother went back into the house through the back door from the patio. My mother swore up and down that she couldn’t stop the kitten from squeezing in between her legs and running inside as if she owned the place. If you say so, Mom! She walked right by our other cats, who were spitting and hissing at her, and went straight to the kitchen. My mother was so impressed.
Someone must have deliberately put Daisy on the porch and shut the door, because it was impossible for her to get in there by herself. We never found out who it was, but we were grateful. She eventually acquired the nickname Shortcake because one day she sat in a cupcake box from a bakery, and well, that evolved into Shortcake. We loved and cherished her for the next sixteen years.

She remained a tiny cat all her life, never weighing more than six pounds, but she had a big mouth and a big heart. She slept on my pillow with her paws in my hair for many years. I had to gently untangle her paws from my long hair each morning.

It is very appropriate to write about Shortcake on Wordful Wednesday, because in sixteen years, she never stopped talking. It’s so appropriate that my mother heard her before she saw her.

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