In the late 1960’s my Swedish grandmother visited the United States. She was supposed to stay for two weeks but ended up staying for two years! “Mormor” had an effervescent personality and was eager to try new things. She loved America – the food, the people, and the garage sales! She’d never been to America before and just loved it.

Her favorite American television show was “The Lawrence Welk Show.” It featured bubbly “champagne music” – old-time music that senior citizens loved. She loved the effervescence of the bubbles in the champagne bottle in the opening credits. The cast was full of very attractive, wholesome-looking men and women with effervescent personalities. Mormor loved singing along with the songs in her fractured English.

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Effervescent is the Word Up, Yo vocabulary meme’s word this week. You can read about the Word Up, Yo meme here.