Alphabet City

I have always been obsessed with the alphabet. Even as a very young child of 3 or 4, I always wanted to go over the alphabet with my mother. I had absolutely no interest in numbers (which is still true), but I loved letters. When I found out that they could form words, I was enthralled.

I never liked having my mother read books to me. I wanted to read them myself! I became absolutely obsessed with books from the beginning. I also found writing easy. I was writing short stories and even novels from the first grade. I was such a good reader in that grade that my teacher had be tutoring other students. I was six years old!

I remember when I was in the third grade. We were given a little children’s publication that had a section where we could order books at a deep discount. I just couldn’t decide which ones I wanted. They all sounded so interesting! I told my mother of my dilemma and she told me to buy all the books I wanted. They were so inexpensive and I really never asked for much. I handed in the order form to my teacher.

A few weeks later the teacher announced our books had arrived! One by one, the teacher placed our books on our desks. Most students received at least one book, and some had two or three. Then the teacher came to my desk and started to laugh as she stacked the books on my desk. I had ordered 21 books! I was a little embarrassed as this caused me to be the center of attention in class. I was an excellent student, but very shy.

I still love the alphabet, and now my interests have extended to such things as typography and fonts. I still love anything to do with the alphabet and with words!

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